Monday, September 25, 2000

Does anyone else have the problem that they really like some one, but dont want to tell anyone they like the person for some reason? Thats always been a problem with me. I always seems to like the person that no one ever knows exsists. I dont like to tell people who i like, because i have the sense that they might make fun of me, and being made fun of hasnt been a part of my daily life. Ive never really fallen for the guys that are popular, or the hotties of the school. I seem to fall for the more shy, quiet type, that no one really knows. So yes, you could say that im explaining my problem at the moment.. of course im not going to say the name of whom i like because of the reasons above. There are maybe 2 people out in Spencer that know who i like. and swore not to tell. Maybe someday ill come out of the closet and tell who im crushing on.. maybe i wont.
Yay. my first journal/blogger. Its not really a high tech one, but thats fine with me. I just needed a place to write about my daily life, great internet finds, or things im feeling.
This site is sort of for the people that i know, so they can get to know the real me.. and for the people that i dont know that can get to know me. Maybe someday ill become famous because of this site.. maybe i wont. Either way, ill still be happy.
Have a happy time reading.